Friday, October 7, 2011

Trend Watch: Demand for Home Health Technology to Rise With Aging of Baby Boomers

Whether it involves older adults or children with special needs in the home, the possibility of a life threatening physical injury occurring when no one is around is a big motivator for the installation of home health technology integration systems.

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Statistics from AARP and others support expectations for this to become a significant trend in the housing industry. 75% of adult children and 69% of parents are specifically concerned about the parents' ability to live independently as they get older. More than half of adult children - 54% - think their parents will need help of home monitoring.

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Home health technology - electronic systems that can provide individuals access to health monitoring at home - can allow older Americans to live at home longer and special needs children to maintain more independence. Aging-in-Place technology blogger and analyst Laurie Orlov projects that today's $2 billion aging technology industry will be worth $20 billion by the year 2020.

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Among "active adults" for whom health ailments aren't yet a great concern, there is an ability and eagerness to stay fit, which is opening up other opportunities for in home technology, such as fitness rooms with sound systems and programmable TV's.  Contact Estate Homes today to discuss the options for incorporating this technology into your home.

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