Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remodeling Magazine 2011 Design Awards

We enjoyed Remodeling Magazine’s 2011 Design Awards issue so much, that we thought we would share some of the winners with you. Hope they inspire you in your own projects and as always, feel free to inquire about the latest in home remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling $50,000 – $100,000
To satisfy the clients’ ideas for a modern palette, the team used a black and white color theme with custom white oak cabinets and stained graphite and concrete countertops. They replaced the damaged ¾-inch pine flooring with salvaged heart pine flooring finished with a patina to match the other flooring in the house. To gain light, a “full-view” steel door onto the deck was installed. Walls and ceilings were plaster-coated to give the look and feel of the original. For more information about how to go about a kitchen remodel Seattle, click the link.
Architect/Designer: Heather Wildman Figley, Moss Architects, Pittsburgh
Contractor: Dave Myers, J. Francis Co., Pittsburgh

Whole-House Remodeling Under $250,000
The layout of this 60’s-era home was comprised of small rooms, which gave the house an unusually cramped and crowded feeling. The new design opens up the kitchen and dining room into the large living room. Windows and skylights bring light deep into the interior, highlighting the richness of the ceiling and giving the main level a more open feel. New mahogany siding allows the home to tastefully celebrate its roots while becoming a contemporary neighborhood jewel.  Visit our website for more information about a Seattle home renovation
Designer: Shawn Buehler, Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Silver Spring, Md.
Contractor: Matt Novakovitch, Radius Group, Derwood, Md.

Design-Build over $250,000
This 75-year-old house needed an upgrade to fit both the current and future needs of a young family. The remodeled home now opens up to the front yard to give it a more welcoming feel. The addition of the spacious front porch is an ideal and comfortable perch for parents as the children romp through the yard. The entry was moved to the right side of the house, which improves circulation throughout. A new living room occupies the space that once housed a single-car garage. The addition of stucco and plank siding revealed a home that hasn’t just been improved and updated, but has been reborn.  Click the link to learn more about custom bathroom remodels.
Designer: Van Pond, The Wills Co., Nashville, Tenn.
Contractor: Ridley Wills, The Wills Co.

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