Monday, October 4, 2010

Cabinet Companies Go Green

Everyone is more conscious of the environment these days and our cabinet companies are no exception. To be certified green, a company must meet requirements in many areas. Their practices are scrutinized in several areas including materials used, how waste is treated and how some of it is used to heat manufacturing areas. Also considered is their relationship in the community, the way they treat their employees and their attention to global environmental challenges. The materials used in cabinet construction have been a primary concern since the 1980s. The biggest fear was the off-gassing caused by the formaldehyde in the resins. I’m happy to report that our cabinet companies have set, and achieved, goals in that area that have exceeded all EPA acceptable standards. To go one step farther, they now offer green components used in fabricating their cabinets. These components are manufactured with no added formaldehyde. As is the case with many eco-friendly options, this material is offered at additional cost. You can now have your kitchen, bath, home office, home theater or library installed with complete confidence. Estate Homes is and eco-friendly company - just drop us a line and ask us about the many green options we have for your remodel - be it in your bathroom, kitchen, or for your entire house.

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